In order to properly implement the Bauana Forestry project, a well-equipped laboratory and seedlings nursery are necessary.

But the idea is to go beyond that by building a full-fledged Research Center on forestry matters, strategically located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. Financed by the World’s Bank Amazon Fund as a non-profit organization, with benefits shared by the entire world’s forestry community.

With the presence of our unique REDD+ project next door, scientists will have the priceless opportunity to directly research, develop and perfect forestry solutions where forest is at its highest exuberance.


1. Open University Concept

The Bauana Research Center will open its doors to all Universities, Institutions and Individuals engaged in forestry research, and others who have something to contribute to scientific solutions aimed at reversing climate change.

Its doors will also be open for those in need of help to complement or perfect their own projects. Initially restricted to Forestry matters, the Bauana Research Center will later become a Center for Global Sustainability solutions.

2. Full Cooperation Among Scientists

The Open University concept should, by itself, guarantee the cooperation among scientists. But it doesn’t.

The Bauana Research Center will only accept the participation of those scientists willing to share their expertise, knowledge and latest researches. They will, reciprocally, count on the full cooperation of colleagues, and the Research Center itself.

3. Non-Proprietary Concept

The world cannot afford proprietary knowledge on issues related to climate change anymore. Therefore, solutions developed within the Bauana Research Center will be open for free use and replication.

Everything related to productivity enhancement on carbon sequestration will instantly become public knowledge and domain. Scientists will be accredited for their cooperation, and patents might be pursued with the sole purpose of avoiding proprietary closings by others.

4. Exploring New Frontiers

‘Exploring new frontiers’ has been nicknamed “The Bauana Utopia”. It’s based, in principle, on “demanding unconventionality”.

New solutions will have to be imagined beyond common wisdom, regarding all forestry matters. It’s a scientists’ dream. The whole Bauana Project was born by thinking outside the box!