The Bauana Sawmill will be built to aggregate value to the reforestation activity.

By processing the logs nearby, and shipping semi-finished and finished products instead of just raw material, productivity will be dramatically increased.

In addition, the Sawmill will substantially contribute to our Sustainability project in many ways: creating jobs, processing others’ minor reforestation enterprises therefore enhancing their own productivity, and contributing to the overall improvement of local economic conditions.

In order to maximize those benefits the Sawmill will be built outside the limits of the Carolina Farm, closer to the nearest urban population. This will create well-balanced results for employment, productivity and social-economic conditions.

The implementation schedule, though, will respect the Reforestation initial latency. The Sawmill will be ready as soon as the log production starts, 5 years after planting the first group of seedlings.

Therefore, at this present stage, Sawmill’s studies only contemplate the rough estimates about productivity enhancements, as an additional element added to the Reforestation Business Plan.


1. Productivity

The paricá tree is ideal to create laminated wood. Substantially different than eucalyptus and pinus – which fuel more than 90% of all reforestation projects throughout Brazil – paricá produces a smoother skin, without knots, perfect for the wood furniture industry.

Very sought after in the USA and Europe, paricá prices are rising in all the commercial configurations: logs, skinned in thin sheets, and laminated wood.

2. Community Production

If we encourage the creation of other Reforestation projects throughout the entire region, the concept of having the Sawmill producing for all of them becomes important.

The “community production” will enhance productivity even more, and all minor and major reforestations will benefit from it.

3. Specialization

Finally, “community production” will enhance productivity for certain, but “specialization” will guarantee hegemony for all issues regarding paricá production.

The whole region will benefit for being “specialized in producing laminated wood from paricá, and this by itself will be enough to put the local communities on the map, creating progress and employment.