The Sustainability Project represents a life-long engagement into providing social benefits to communities and individuals that, sometimes, might not even understand their urgent need for help.

To be totally frank, it frequently resembles a hard fight against imaginary windmills – Don Quixote’s style. And overall, a deep questioning about the real necessity of interfering with cultures and lifestyles that might look unhealthy to us, but possibly totally appropriate to them.

For those who want help, we’re here to help. Fortunately, more and more end up asking for it. That’s good!

In the specific case of the Bauana Project, aside from what’s in the oven regarding the implementation of the REDD+ guidelines and beyond, we’re facing a humanitarian crisis, briefly described in the letter below.

A Letter From Marjorie & Luca

Dear Reader,

We understand the implications, and we are perfectly aware of the long-term nature of the Bauana Project. We’ll probably never see its conclusion in our lifetime, but we’re doing it for the love of nature and for our three beloved daughters and their future kids.

However, some compelling reasons forced us to find quick solutions for the Sustainability part of the project.

The whole Bauana Project is just briefly explained within this web presence. And the purpose of this letter is not to awake awareness to global warming consequences – since they’re all fairly familiar to us – but mainly to set the stage for an urgent humanitarian issue.

As we explained before, part of the farm has been degraded in the past by the action of clandestine logging, like so many other properties throughout the Amazon rainforest.

The good news is that the Brazilian Federal Police has been fairly effective in fighting such activities through the use of satellite surveillance. However, as a direct consequence of this, non-indigenous workers once employed by those loggers have been abandoned to their own destiny. They now live in extreme poverty and sub-human conditions, since they lack the survival skills indigenous populations have.

This is a fairly common reality throughout the region.

In our land alone, including its very close proximities, we have more than 1,500 people in need of the most basic, urgent help. You may check by yourself through Google Earth images, using the coordinates found in the satellite image in the homepage (or search for Tefé, in the Brazilian Amazon state, and find the Carolina Farm as highlighted on the image). You’ll also be able to recognize the degraded and devastated areas.

Obviously, we couldn’t wait for the Bauana Project to materialize itself in order to start helping those people.

Therefore, we decided to personally take action. We created a simple business – fully based on socially and politically correct sustainability – that will soon be able to help them. All this way before the official Bauana Project starts producing any practical result.

Let’s see how it goes. It’s a fun and exciting enterprise carrying a simple yet powerful message: “Beauty For a Better World”. We’ll tell you all about it in due time.

If you like what we’re doing, you’ll also be able to help. Not through donations or charity – since we’re building a dignified and sustainable stream of revenues for them to get out of poverty. Be a Customer. They deserve their fair chance of success.

Thank you for your kind attention,

Marjorie & Luca