The Bauana Research Center will have its own accommodations for scientists and their immediate families. As much as we want to excel in everything we do, those accommodations are certainly comfortable, yet not luxurious. We thought luxury wasn’t a necessary predicament for a non-profit organization funded by the World Bank.

In order to give scientists their well-deserved exposure – and a real chance for their projects to be implemented and replicated worldwide – we thought that the direct contact between them and the world’s policy makers, financiers and money managers, would be extremely beneficial to the cause of reversing the effects of Climate Change. They are, after all, those who decide on whether to implement such solutions or not.

This is how the idea of the luxurious Bauana Resort was born.

The intention is to promote conferences and gatherings on forestry matters, hosting the global “who’s who” on environmental issues. From government authorities and politicians to bankers, financiers, scientists, decision makers, etc. from around the world.

Their proximity to a Preservation and a Reforestation project (Bauana Forestry), an internationally acclaimed forestry Research Center (Bauana Research Center), and a first-hand experience with a REDD+ Sustainability project makes the proposition unique, for the benefit of Climate Change reversal.

We don’t have the pretention to reverse the climate by ourselves, of course, nor single-handedly solve anything related to global warming. However, we’d like to prove to the world’s decision-makers that something important can be done, and we are doing it!

Once they come to the Bauana Project – perhaps attracted by the outstanding amenities of the Resort – and they see by themselves what is possible to be done, maybe… only maybe… we have a chance of them replicating the experience. It’s all that matters.


1. Location & Access

The Bauana Resort will be built within the limits of our property. Only 40 km by water from the nearest airport, its location couldn’t be more convenient.

The airport handles commercial jet flights, with a few airlines providing regular passengers’ services.

Access to the Bauana Resort will be by boat, seaplane and helicopter. An airfield will be built on the premises, close to the Resort, capable of handling up to private jets. There are no access roads of any kind.

2. Architecture & Construction

The idea is for the Bauana Resort to create the maximum possible impact – in which case outstanding architecture is mandatory. Therefore, we discarded the popular common wisdom of building rustic cabins on trees, or rudimentary huts replicating indigenous villages.

We follow and appreciate the work in the lines of Marcio Kogan and his Studio MK27. The seamless integration between modern shapes and nature is their trademark, and we think it conveniently fits the Bauana Resort proposition. All pictures you see here are Kogan’s projects.

Even though construction budget is fairly higher, those concrete structures have serious advantages over the alternatives. Among them, lower maintenance and perennial magnificence.

3. Accommodations & Amenities

The Resort’s will have 4 main buildings (one central with all hotel amenities; one attached with 120 rooms; a separate one with 10 townhouses/chalets; and finally another separate one for staff accommodations), and 4 detached houses, for a grand total of 10,000m2.

In detail, of those 120 rooms, 30 will be 30m2 rooms, 70 will be 40m2 rooms, 15 will be 60m2 suites, and 5 will be 100m2 presidential suites. Separated from the main construction, additional 4 houses of 150m2 each, and a building with 10 townhouses/chalets of 70m2 each. Total for guest accommodations: 5,600m2.

The main building, with all Hotel amenities included, will take 2,400m2. Finally, all service areas and staff accommodations add 2,000m2 to the project. Total for services: 4,400m2.

Amenities will be those of a luxurious eco-Resort at its best. Both business and family oriented – since it will also provide high-demand recreational facilities.

4. Management

The Bauana Resort will be privately owned and managed by one of the most prestigious hotel chains in the world – which brings to the project, aside from their prestige and solid worldwide presence, an outstanding reservations system.